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Historical Assessment of Spatial Growth of Built-ups and Metropolitan areas of Delhi and Mumbai in India, and Dhaka in Bangladesh

Within the framework of the South Asia Megacities Improvement Program, the eoworld project focused on mapping 20 years of urban expansion in the metropolitan areas of Delhi (the Delhi National Capital Region (South-East part)), Mumbai (the Metropolitan Region of Mumbai) and Dhaka (the Statistical Metropolitan Area). The analysis of high-resolution satellite data provided spatially-explicit information about the current state and previous development of land use and land cover resources, including: • Structure of the land cover and land use stock; • Spatial and temporal distribution of land use and land use change over the past two decades; and • Comparison between metropolitan areas in space and time. The observations covered a total of 18,000 square kilometers.

Technical Officer: Benjamin Koetz

Starting Date: 2011-01-01

Gisat s.r.o. as supplier - prime

Dhaka municipalities and local engineering department as user - partner/collaborator
Capital planning board (Delhi) as user - partner/collaborator
Metroplitan Development Agency (Mumbai) as user - partner/collaborator
World Bank as user - buyer

urban area location and type mapping (Urban)
urban area location and type mapping (Urban)
urban area location and type mapping (Urban)