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The prime objective of VAE is to further strengthen the competitive position of the European and Canadian value adding companies. Consequently it has been working since its start in close collaboration with the European trade body for the EO services sector, EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies).

EARSC is supporting dialogue with the Oil & Gas and Insurance/Reinsurance communities, by, for example, hosting and maintaining the OGEO Portal.

A working group on industry best practices has been set up within EARSC, with ESA as an observer, that builds on initial work carried out in VAE to study potential certification and accreditation schemes for EO Services. The working group held a first workshop on the subject at ESA ESRIN during 2013 April 15–16.

EARSC is currently producing an update to the state and health of the European EO service industry, the latest such survey (so-called eoVOX) being carried out in 2006 (download executive summaries for the past surveys via the links on the right). The work will produce detailed and up to date financial information on revenues and profits together with more generic information on issues, problems and opportunities the industry is facing.