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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry has a long collaboration with the VAE team to expand the operational use of EO-based information across the sector.

This collaboration led, in 2014, to an official sub-committee being set up (under the geomatics committee) for the promotion of Earth Observation, within the framework of the organization that represents the industry, the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP). Both ESA and EARSC (the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) are present as observers within this Earth Observation sub-committee. In addition, EARSC are facilitating the dialogue and building the bridge between the EO service community and the Oil & Gas user community through a web portal known as as as OGEO.

Finally, ESA have completed (end 2014) four land-mark studies that document the very latest information in terms of requirements for geospatial information coming from the oil & gas sector in all phases of project implementation. The studies covered both on-shore and off-shore operations and were carried out with the active participation of many companies in the oil & gas sector active in IOGP. Further details of the results can be found on the OGEO portal.

Various workshops for the Oil & Gas community have been taking place. Here follow links to the contents of two of them.

2012 3rd OGEO Workshop, Perth, Australia

2013 Certification Scheme for the EO Services Industry, Frascati, Italy