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Integrated EO for CO2 capture and storage

Main Services

The service concept is based on the combination of EO (vegetation stress mapping, ground motion and pipeline monitoring), airborne data and non-EO products, in-situ networks, services and systems.

SciSys focuses on the analysis of the main supply and demand processes (information needs, technical & policy constraints), both BGS and TNO contribute geo-scientific knowledge, and FUGRO-NPA provides specialist EO expertise in ground motion monitoring via interferometry. AEA brings additional emissions policy experience.

This work is fully building on previous EU projects in which the partners have been involved (e.g. CO2GeoNet).

Technical Officer: Philippe Bally

Starting Date: 2009-01-07

SciSys UK Ltd. as supplier - prime
AEA Technology as supplier - sub
Fugro NPA Ltd. as supplier - sub
British Geological Survey as supplier - sub
TNO as supplier - sub

climate variables monitoring (Meteorological)