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3-D modelling of building infrastructure

12 months

Prime Contractor
Metria (Sweden)

Rost Torbjörn - Torbjorn.Rost@lm.se

ReVisitor AB (Sweden)

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSMI), National Land Survey of Sweden, neighbouring Nordic countries and EU partners in the domain of nuclear safety and radiation protection.

Main Aims / Objectives
Assess the impact of new EO-based 3-D extraction techniques to provide building measurements to support the monitoring of cities and nuclear plants.

Main Services

3-D models of building infrastructure using very high-resolution optical satellite imagery to support the monitoring of industrial areas and nuclear power plants.

The activity is focusing on new automated techniques to reduce production time, optimise costs and improve product quality.

Technical Officer: Philippe Bally

Starting Date: 2010-10-01

Metria as supplier - prime
Revisitor AB as supplier - sub