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Forecasting and management of agricultural irrigation

12 months

Prime Contractor
Maretec (Portugal)

Pedro Chambel Leitao - chambelpc@ist.utl.pt

Deimos Engenheria (Portugal)

Portuguese national irrigation association (FenaReg) & individual farmers, Golf courses (Praia del Rey resort).

Main Aims / Objectives
Enhance and validate models for accurate geo-information to improve regional water management.

Main Services

Weekly prediction of irrigation needs based on combined Leaf Area Index (LAI) EO-derived information, crop modelling and meteorological data.

The services are making use of new DEIMOS-1 EO data (20 m resolution, launched July 2009). A frequent bi-weekly re-visit capability is essential. These new capabilities are being integrated into existing water management services supplied by Maretec.

The developed services will help local irrigation associations to adapt their agricultural practices to European policies, e.g. the Water Framework Directive.

Technical Officer: Benjamin Koetz

Starting Date: 2009-11-01

Maretec as supplier - prime
Deimos Engenharia as supplier - sub