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Geomarketing in Belgium, Greece and Western Europe

12 months

Prime Contractor
GIM (Belgium)

Vincent Tigny - vincent.tigny@gim.be

Epsilon (Greece)

Pitney Bowes MapInfo (Netherlands), WDM (Belgium), Mellon Group (Greece), Experian (Belgium), MB Research (Germany) and Bisnode (Sweden)

Main Aims / Objectives
Improve the geo-marketing service portfolios of the users by integrated land cover / land use information extracted from EO imagery at various resolutions (medium to very high).

Main Services

EO services include dasymetric mapping of relevant statistical data at various scale, urban land use indicators extraction for enhanced geodemographic segmentations, housing type and wealth indicators extraction for improved street segmentations and 3D urban mapping for enhanced retail services.

New methods based on Object-Based Image Analysis are being developed, tested and validated in 5 trials located in sites across Europe and Asia where the five user organisations are active.

The prospects for these services are being assessed for the geo-marketing and retail sector with Pitney Bowes Business Insight (the leading global provider of location and communication intelligence solutions with 1000+ employees) and MB-Research (specialist of international comparable regional market data), the retail planning and micromarketing sector with Experian Business Strategies (branch of Experian PLC, leading global information services company), the bank sector with Mellon Group (partner of Experian in Greece) and the direct marketing sector with WDM Belgium and Bisnode (European leading provider of digital business information).

Technical Officer: Philippe Bally

Starting Date: 2009-05-03

Geographic Information Management nv/sa as supplier - prime
EPSILON as supplier - sub

Mellon Group as user - partner/collaborator
Pitney Bowes Business Insight as user - partner/collaborator
WDM Belgium as user - partner/collaborator
Experian Belgium as user - partner/collaborator
MB-Research as user - partner/collaborator