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Climate Change and Industry (Civil Engineering)

12 months

Prime Contractor
COWI A/S (Denmark)

Birgitte Holt Andersen - BGHA@cowi.dk

Danish Meteorological Institute (Denmark), RISO DTU (Denmark)

Association of British Insurers (UK), Forsikring og Pension (Denmark), COWI Water Division (Denmark), DHI (International), ElectroPerú (Peru)

Main Aims / Objectives
Support global companies in planning climate change adaptation for their future operations.

Main Services

A number of EO climate risk mapping services, in combination with climate scenarios. The prospects for these services are being assessed for the off-shore wind industry with VESTAS (leading manufacturers of wind turbines) and EMD (developer of the WindPRO software used by industry to assess wind resources), for the civil engineering industry with COWI (large international civil engineering consultancy engaged in infrastructure constructions), and the for insurance industry with ABI (leading association of insurance companies in UK).

COWI was an official sponsor of the UNFCCC COP-15 conference in Copenhagen 2009.

Technical Officer: Pierre-Philippe Mathieu

Starting Date: 2009-03-13

COWI A/S as supplier - prime
Danish Meteorological Institute as supplier - sub
UNEP Risø Centre on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development as supplier - sub
DHI Water&Environment as supplier - sub