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Climate Change and Industry (Carbon trading)

EO products and services can support and enhance Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) carbon projects that are becoming increasingly important in the global carbon emissions markets.

Hatfield Consultants (Hatfield; Canada) and NEO B.V. (NEO, The Netherlands) are developing baseline and monitoring services, including current and historical land cover, rate of forest loss, estimation of carbon stocks, and projection of future deforestation.

PT Hatfield Indonesia is the downstream partner with access to AFOLU carbon project proponents inSoutheast Asia, where service trials to be produced and validated are located. SGS (Switzerland) will provide pre-validation guidance on compliance with a chosen carbon standard.

Two forest carbon projects that are under development by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Indonesia Program will be the recipient of trial services. EcoSecurities will provide advice on marketing and commercialization aspects of the project.

Technical Officer: Pierre-Philippe Mathieu

Starting Date: 2009-01-04

Hatfield Consultants as supplier - prime
SGS as supplier - sub
Tugboat Group as supplier - sub
DB Geoservices Inc. as supplier - sub
Netherlands Geomatics & Earth Observation B.V. as supplier - sub
Ecosecurities as supplier - sub

Wildlife Conservation Society (Indonesia Programme) as user - partner/collaborator
WWF Indonesia as user - partner/collaborator