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Tactical Ice mapping for off-shore Oil & Gas

12 months

Prime Contractor
C-CORE (Canada)

Des Power - des.power_at_c-core.ca
(please copy and replace _at_ with @)

VTT (Finland), PolarImaging (UK), eOsphere (UK)

Husky Energy (Canada), Shell Canada (Canada)

Main Aims / Objectives
Demonstrate the value of EO-derived ice maps to off-shore oil & gas operators in the arctic for tactical navigation purposes.

Main Services

Sea-ice type and extent (both nowcast and forecast), sea-ice features, (ridges, rubble bergs, stamukhas) and iceberg locations.

The scale and level of detail required by the oil and gas sector for offshore operations goes beyond what is traditionally available from national ice centres. The information requirements stem from the need for of operators to support safe and uninterrupted transportation into regions with reserves, as well as the operation of oil and gas exploration and production infrastructure (platforms, seismic vessels, seabed infrastructure tankers and supply vessels).

The prospects for these services are being assessed for the oil and gas sector with Shell in the Beaufort Sea and with Husky in the Labrador Sea.

Technical Officer: Ola Gråbak

Starting Date: 2009-04-24

C-Core as supplier - prime
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland as supplier - sub
eOsphere as supplier - sub
PolarImaging as supplier - sub

Husky Energy as user - partner/collaborator
Shell Canada Limited as user - partner/collaborator