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Waste management (Environmental legislation)

12 months

Prime Contractor
e-GEOS (Italy)

Valeria Donzelli - valeria.donzelli@e-geos.it

ATOS-Origin (Spain), AMEC Earth & Environmental (Germany), University of Rome 'La Sapienza ' Hydraulic Department (DITS) and TELAER

Giunta Regionale di Campania (Italy), ARPA-Lazio (Italy), AGEA (Italy), Aragon Regional Govt (Spain), ECHMES Ltd. , NTUA - National Technical University of Athens, DIAAMATH AAE

Main Aims / Objectives
Assess the value of EO-based services for compliancy with EC legislation on waste management.

Main Services

EO based services (high resolution satellite and airborne, multi & hyper spectral data) for environmental monitoring of existing plants and landfills, identification and planning of suitable areas for new plants, detection of illegal discharge areas and waste deposits as well as for monitoring mine waste sites.

The market of waste management is exposed to environmental risks, civil protection and public health issues as well as illegal activities. National authorities such as Italy and Spain are under pressure to implement a harmonized waste management system to comply with European waste legislation.

Several planning authorities (Giunta Regionale di Campania (Italy), Aragon Regional Govt (Spain), Romanian Ministry of Environment (Romania)) and monitoring agencies (ARPA-Lazio (Italy), Italian Civil Protection Department (Italy)) are being involved in specifying the requirements and assessing the benefit of the service portfolio following trials in Italy, Spain and Greece.

Technical Officer: Benjamin Koetz

Starting Date: 2009-11-16

e-GEOS as supplier - prime
AMEC as supplier - sub
ATOS Origin as supplier - sub