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Geo-Tagged images for emergencies

Main Aims / Objectives
Assess the impact of a prototype solution for geo-tagged image communications (ASIGN : Adaptive System for Image Communications in Global Networks) to provide enhanced information for in-field teams involved in emergency situations.

Main Services

Services consist of integrated real-time ground photos and meteorological data (temperature, wind speed, direction) with larger-scale EO imagery for more efficient decision-making and field assessments.

The work is exploiting data from Envisat MERIS and ASAR, together with FormoSat-2 for higher spatial resolutions, when needed. Planned service demonstrations include : damage assessment (ground data on landslides, bridges & building infrastructure), and risk reduction (flood preparedness along Nepal/India Koshi river).

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2009-12-10

Ansur Technologies as supplier - prime

UNOSAT/UNITAR as user - partner/collaborator
Norwegian Police as user - buyer
UN OCHA as user - buyer

flood risk analysis (Disaster Risk Management)