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EO for legal use

Main Aims / Objectives
Grow the acceptance of EO derived information as a standard source of information within appropriate legal cases and elaborate the issues to be resolved in order to ensure that the relevant information can be used on a routine basis

Main Services

EO information services as legal evidence. This work is built on previuos studies (nationally financed) that have demostrated the potential for increase utilisation of EO derived information in both criminal and administrative proceedings for law enforcement. In the leagl sector satellite data are trustworhty and their reliability can be demostrated in legal termns (e.g. rules of evidence).

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2009-12-15

London Institute of Space Policy and Law as supplier - prime

European Court of Justice as user - partner/collaborator
International Court of Justice as user - buyer
Royal Courts of Justice as user - buyer
International Law Association as user - buyer

marine pollution detection and polluter identification (Marine Environment Management)
current monitoring of terrain deformations (Disaster Risk Management)