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Polarimetric techniques for mining in tropical areas

12 months

Prime Contractor
VIASAT GeoTechnologies (Canada)

Claire Gosselin - CGosselin@viasat-geo.com

MIR Télédétection (Canada)

Lafarge Group (Canada)

Main Aims / Objectives
Provide mining and extraction companies with independent, reliable monitoring information to support the effective assessment and analysis of environmental impact and sustainable operations practices associated with mining and rehabilitation operations in tropical areas.

Main Services

Basic land use assessment and land use change detection and monitoring and high resolution topographic information.

Mining and extraction activity in tropical areas is forecast to increase considerably over the next 5 - 10 years.

Persistent cloud cover in these regions requires the use of high-resolution radar (TerraSAR-X, RADARSAT-2) together with ENVISAT ASAR to provide underlying imagery on which the information service is based.

A mining and cement production site in Nigeria has been selected to demonstrate the value of EO services. The planned services are supporting companies in their efforts for sustainable development of their mining and operations sites.

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2009-10-16

VIASAT Geo-Technologie Inc. as supplier - prime
MIR Télédétection as supplier - sub