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Monitoring of coastal submerged vegetation

12 months

Prime Contractor
Planetek Hellas (Greece)

Stelios Bollanos - bollanos@planetek.gr

ENEA (Italy)

Italian Ministry of Environment, Greek Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, Greek Ministry of Environmental planning, Regional environmental protection agencies (Italy – Lazio, Toscana)

Main Aims / Objectives
Develop an integrated methodology to suitably map and assess the biodiversity and status of the different Mediterranean sea-grasses.

Main Services

EO-derived Sea-Grass maps for shallow waters in the Mediterranean.

This integrates data from a variety of sources including MERIS, MODIS, Chris/PROBA, IKONOS, Quick-Bird, Kompsat, as well as airborne hyperspectral and LIDAR systems.

The services is supporting a range of activities including operational monitoring requirements in public sector agencies, environmental impact assessments, construction of habitat status indicators and support to new activities under development, such as Marine Spatial Planning. The services will help in optimising in-situ sampling and genetic analysis.

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2009-10-16

Planetek Hellas EPE as supplier - prime

Italian Ministry of Environment as user - partner/collaborator
ENEA as user - partner/collaborator