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Organic agriculture certification services

12 months

Prime Contractor
Keyobs (Belgium)

Herbert Hansen - hhansen@keyobs.com

DSGE/Univ Liege (Belgium), VISTA (Germany)

EcoCert Deutschland GmbH (Germany, part of the Ecocert SA group operating globally)

Main Aims / Objectives
Develop new methods using EO combined with field observations to assess the temporal and intra-parcel spectral variability of the crops.

Main Services

The key variables that are being studied are: heterogeneity of crops height and biomass, difference in crops nitrogen content and specific spatial features of crop.

The adequate combination of these parameters is being applied in the certification process to characterize organic crops.

The work makes use of EO data from satellites with optical, multi, and hyper-spectral sensors (e.g. Formosat-2, Spot and PROBA_1), together with VHR for feature extraction.

Technical Officer: Ola Gråbak

Starting Date: 2009-12-01

Keyobs as supplier - prime
DSGE/Univ Liege as supplier - sub

Ecocert Deutschland GmbH as user - partner/collaborator