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Geo-Marketing in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe

12 months

Prime Contractor
TeleAtlas (Switzerland)

Jörg Scharfe - Joerg.Scharfe@teleatlas.com

Geoville (Luxembourg), COWI (Denmark)

GfK Marktforschung (Germany), TeleAtlas (Austria), E-Plus (Germany), WiMax, Telecom (Austria)

Main Aims / Objectives
Enhance population location and distribution data for geo-marketing applications.

Main Services

Highly detailed demographic data by using existing (coarse resolution) census & socio-economic data together with a modelling approach based on land-use information derived from EO.

These services are being produced at Local (city), Country and Regional levels and validated in 5 trials located in Germany (Ruhrgebiet urban agglomerations), Vienna / Bratislava / Brno area, and a significant area in Russia.

The prospects for these services are being assessed for the geo-marketing and retail sector with GfK (world’s 5th largest market research company), the automotive and personal navigation industry with TeleAtlas (world leader in road network digital maps) and the telecom industry with E-Plus (the largest mobile telecom provider in Germany) and WiMax (a leading player in radio network planning).

Technical Officer: Philippe Bally

Starting Date: 2009-02-18

GeoVille Luxembourg as supplier - prime