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Renewable energy potential mapping

12 months

Prime Contractor
GeoVille Environmental Services Sàrl

Stefan Kleeschulte - kleeschulte@geoville.com


DLR (Germany), Con Terra (Germany)

European Environment Agency (EEA)

Main Aims / Objectives
Support of both optimal siting of renewable energy installations in Europe and assessment of the environmental impact of energy plants.

Main Services

EO-based information (e.g. land cover, solar irradiance) integrated with local in-situ information (e.g. transport, population, power infrastructure) to implement demonstration services for solar, biomass, wind and geothermal energy potential in the region of West Balkan countries in an on-line access/interactive web service.

The EEA has expressed significant interest in this activity as assessment of the renewable energy potential in Europe is part of the information and indicator they need for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Technical Officer: Pierre-Philippe Mathieu

Starting Date: 2009-03-15

GeoVille Luxembourg as supplier - prime
DLR as supplier - sub
con terra as supplier - sub

Serbia Energy – Primus GBS Serbia as user - partner/collaborator