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Monitoring of Water Quality and Land Use Changes in the Lake Titicaca Basin

One of the biggest challenges concerning management of Lake Titicaca basin is related the persistent lack of reliable data on the water parameters and land use patterns, as well as incomplete inventories of pollution hot spots and outdated water resources management plans. The creation of a Bolivia-Peru Binational Autonomous Authority of Lake Titicaca (ALT, Autoridad Binacional del Lago Titicaca Bolivia-PerĂº) in 1996 has addressed some of these problems. Nevertheless a number of challenges remain to be resolved. This includes improving data collection and data dissemination, refurbishing some of defunct water-quality monitoring stations and laboratories, providing platforms for sharing and consolidating available information, and promoting standardization of data generated by different national institutions. In this context the eoworld project demonstrated the feasibility of setting up a satellite based monitoring system for a systematic collection of information concerning temporal and spatial dynamics of the lake ecosystem. Satellite monitoring covered the entire sub-basin for the year 2010/11 with high resolution (5m) and provided land use change detection for the period 2003-2010/11. Moreover, standardized and comparable water quality products were generated from 2003 to 2010 for improved understanding of lake dynamics, identification of pollution sources, and early warning indicators for algal bloom. Hot spots, natural sources of pollutants such as river inflows as well as other spatial peculiarities in the water bodies could also clearly be identified.

Technical Officer: Benjamin Koetz

Starting Date: 2011-01-01

EOMAP as supplier - prime
GAF AG as supplier - prime

Ministerio de Culturas La Paz as user - partner/collaborator
Autoridad Binacional Autonoma del lago Titcaca as user - partner/collaborator
World Bank as user - buyer
World Bank as user - buyer

inland water quality (Water Resources Management)
watershed land use and land use change (Water Resources Management)