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Monitoring of Environmentally Sensitive Areas in the Mozambique Channel

Mozambique Channel is one of the biodiversity hotspots with a large concentration of very large oil tanker traffic.
The World Bank is currently supporting cooperation among Western Indian Ocean states to improve maritime traffic while ensuring effective environmental protection for the important mangrove and coral ecosystems found in this region.
The satellite imagery will be a major improvement in this work. It is expected to provide a range of information layers to help assess and prioritize the environmentally sensitive areas as well as prepare state-of-the-art maps to enhance pollution prevention from ship accidents.
The World Bank plans to host a regional workshop in July 2011 to help mainstream the impacts of the pilot project to the local users in client countries.

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2011-01-01

Collecte Localisation Satellites as supplier - prime
Institut de recherche pour le développement as supplier - sub

South African Maritime Safety Agency as user - partner/collaborator
National maritime institutions from South-East Africa as user - partner/collaborator
World Bank as user - buyer

marine pollution detection and polluter identification (Marine Environment Management)
coastal habitat mapping: coral reef habitat characterisation (Coastal Zone Management)