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Support to Sustainable Oil Palm Production in Papua New Guinea

Oil palm agriculture production is one of the most important sources of cash income for rural households in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The smallholder oil palm blocks support between 180,000 and 200,000 people. In this context, the Smallholder Agriculture Development Project (SADP) funded by the World Bank and PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd (PNG SDP) aims to increase, in a sustainable manner, the level of involvement of targeted communities in their local development through measures aimed at increasing oil palm revenue and local participation. The key added value of satellite mapping services in support of implementation of the SADP project concentrated on a reduction of a number of investment risks. It provided new opportunities for verification of the planting process and supported project management with innovative options for effective monitoring of potential stresses due to planting or road construction. It demonstrated that tangible and factual information concerning the status of oil palm plantations, forests and other types of land cover can be provided objectively and on the regular basis.

Technical Officer: Benjamin Koetz

Starting Date: 2011-01-01

SarVision as supplier - prime

World Bank as user - buyer
PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd as user - partner/collaborator
Oil palm smallholders as user - partner/collaborator
Palm Oil milling companies as user - partner/collaborator
Provincial government of the PNG as user - partner/collaborator
Oil Palm Industry Corporation as user - partner/collaborator
PNG Oil Palm Research Association as user - partner/collaborator

forest type mapping (Forestry)
general land use and land cover mapping and change monitoring (Basic Mapping and Cartography)