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EO based information for Ecosystem Accounting

18 months

Prime contractor: Geoville Environmental Services (Lux)


Partners: Geoville Information Systems(A), Gisat (CZ)

European Environment Agency

Main aims / objectives

Develop an EO based approach to assess small-scale structures impacting on biodiversity and ecosystem capital.

Characterisation of small scale features (hedges, riparian vegetation, roads, parcel borders, ecotones) will support the EEA with respect to its work on regional environmental characterisation, green infrastructures, land and ecosystem (capital) accounts. This includes:

  1. Enhanced land accounts - quantification of small linear features in 'mixed classes',
  2. Carbon accounts - quantification of biomass,
  3. Water accounts - change in riparian vegetation as indicator of small water courses and wetlands occurrence,
  4. Ecosystem (services) capital assessment in liaison with resource efficiency small linear features as ecosystem services providers,
  5. Green infrastructure and connectivity/fragmentation assessments - identification of small habitats or bio-corridors (continuous or stepping stones) as a complement indicator to landscape fragmentation by settlements and transport infrastructure,
  6. Regional environmental characterisation - synthetic assessment, possible input through enhanced land cover, green infrastructure etc.

Technical Officer: Anna Burzykowska

Starting Date: 2011-09-05

GeoVille Luxembourg as supplier - prime
GeoVille Information Systems GmbH as supplier - sub
Gisat s.r.o. as supplier - sub