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Enhanced oil slick information

18 months

Prime contractor: Edisoft (P)



Main aims / objectives

Development of improved approaches for the detection of oil slicks and complementary information in SAR data for the next generation CleanSeaNet service operated by EMSA. This will include consideration of:

  • New detection and analysis algorithms based on techniques such as neural networks, polarimetry and automated feature detection
  • Extraction of complementary information to reduce false alarm rates and maximise detection probability for oil slicks
  • Characterisation of opportunities for novel utilisation of new data streams to improve detection and reduce false alarms.

This activity will be complementary to the recently started SeaU project financed as a downstream GMES project under FP7.

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2011-10-01

Edisoft as supplier - prime

European Maritime Safety Agency as user - partner/collaborator