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VAE > Project

Border Monitoring for illegal trafficking activities

18 months

Prime contractor: Infoterra Global (UK)


Partners: Infoterra gmbh (D), Astrium (F)

UN Department of Field Support, UN Logistics Base, UN MINURSO & UNOCI Field Missions, FRONTEX

Area of Focus: Western Sahara, Ivory Coast, Liberia

Main aims / objectives

Demonstration of approaches for combining both VHR optical data and VHR SAR imagery to detect anomalies associated with transgression of local peace accords and land border crossing points.

In particular, the project will verify the capability to detect and characterise a wide variety of surveillance targets including activity levels in law enforcement sites, vehicle movements and tracks (including the use of interferometry) critical industrial & transport infrastructures, activity levels in border areas.

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2011-10-01

InfoTerra Ltd. as supplier - prime
Astrium as supplier - sub
Infoterra gmbh as supplier - sub

UN Department of Field Support as user - partner/collaborator
UN Logistics Base as user - partner/collaborator
UN MINURSO as user - partner/collaborator
UNOCI Field Missions as user - partner/collaborator
FRONTEX as user - partner/collaborator