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Situation Awareness for Nuclear Safety

18 months

Prime contractor: C-CORE (CDN)

Contact: joseph.chamberland(at)c-core.ca

Users: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission & other nuclear proliferation control authorities

Area of Focus: Africa, Central Asia

Main aims / objectives

Demonstration of capabilities of HR SAR data and new SAR based techniques (eg polarimetry) combined with VHR optical imagery to detect anomalies at different stages of the nuclear fuel cycle including:

  • mining and extraction (detection of anomalous activity and potential illicit uranium oxide trafficking)
  • nuclear power station operations (detection and characterisation of anomalous activity associated with particular power stations)
  • nuclear waste storage (detection and characterisation of anomalies associated with spent fuel storage facilities).

The core activity is a verification of the capability to detect and correctly identify priority categories of anomalous behaviour in the vicinity of facilities engaged in different phases of the processing of nuclear fuel.

Technical Officer: Ola Gråbak

Starting Date: 2011-10-01

C-Core as supplier - prime

International Atomic Energy Authority as user - partner/collaborator