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VAE > Project

Situation Awareness for law enforcement of trafficking

18 months

Prime contractor: : INDRA (E)


Partners: Eurosense (B))

Guardia Civil, FRONTEX

Area of Focus:
N. Africa

Main aims / objectives

Demonstrating the capability of VHR optical data to detect anomalies associated with the evolution in the threat of irregular migration as well as timely assessment of the extent of illicit drug cultivation in North Africa as an input to the elaboration of drug trafficking threat assessment.

In addition, the capability to provide EO based situation awareness support to the Guardia Civil on at least one of their international missions will be assessed. In all cases the information service will be predominantly based on feature and target detection and characterisation based on analysis of VHR optical imagery.

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2011-10-01

Indra as supplier - prime
EUROSENSE as supplier - sub

Guardia Civil as user - partner/collaborator
FRONTEX as user - partner/collaborator