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Waste Water Treatment in Morocco


The EIB-supported waste water treatment project in Morocco concerned the rehabilitation and extension of the sewage and storm water system and construction of a sewage treatment plant for the town of Meknès The works were carried out starting in 1999 and finalised in 2008. The project helped improve the quality of life of 500000 inhabitants. The project is part of the first phase (1999-2008) of a broader sewerage programme stretching to 2020. The programme is designed to safeguard water resources and enhance Morocco's attractiveness as a location for industrial and service activities.

An environmental study at the start of the project proposed mitigation measures for negative impacts, i.e. loss of agricultural areas due to decreased contribution of waste water to irrigation once the waste water collection is in place. It was never followed-up if the waste water project has had the foreseen negative impact, i.e. if the agricultural activity in the area decreased or continued, by using other irrigation sources, switching to less water-intensive crops or by using untreated waste water by tapping into the canalisation at manholes.

EO Contribution

The purpose of the EOEuropa project is to evaluate the impact of the waste water project, in particular regarding agricultural practices (e.g. increase/decrease of agricultural area, change in crop type). Land cover maps for 1998 and 2011 will be derived, completed by a land cover change map and analysis discussing the impact of the plant on land cover and land use.

Technical Officer: Gordon Campbell

Starting Date: 2012-01-19

Indra as supplier - prime
University Moulay Ismaïl of Meknès as supplier - sub

European Investment Bank as user - buyer

general land use and land cover mapping and change monitoring (Basic Mapping and Cartography)
irrigation water management (Water Resources Management)