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Water Management in Jordan


In Jordan the Jordan River and rain are the only sources of running water. The Jordan river lost most of its water over the past three decades due to measures by Israel and Jordan to divert its tributaries for industrial use. The Disi water pipeline project comprises of a bulk water extraction and conveyor system to pump 100 million cubic metres of potable water annually from Jordan's Disi-Mudawwara area to Greater Amman. The project is embedded in a pro-active strategy of the Government to address the shortage of potable water in Jordan in the face of climate change.

One of the Environmental and Social Management Plans includes the government's obligation to re-balance water allocations to irrigation and to gradually restore the protected wetlands of Azraq (a Ramsar site) east of Amman by redirecting discharge of highland aquifers after the Disi pipeline becomes operational. Pipeline construction has started end of 2009 and shall be finished in 2012.

EO Contribution

The purpose of the EOEuropa project is to better quantify the impact of human activities on the landscape in both the region of the Disi Aquifer and the Ramsar site at Azraq. The first service will derive land cover maps for 1998 and 2011, completed by a land cover change map and analysis discussing the impact of the recent works on land cover and land use. The second service will deliver elevation maps, terrain displacement maps and tables (between 1992 and 2005) and a report detailing the potential relation of terrain deformations and groundwater exploitation.

Technical Officer: Ola Gråbak

Starting Date: 2012-01-19

Jena-Optronik GmbH as supplier - prime
Gamma Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG as supplier - sub

European Investment Bank as user - buyer
Ministery of Water and Irrigation as user - partner/collaborator

general land use and land cover mapping and change monitoring (Basic Mapping and Cartography)
historical mapping of terrain deformations (Disaster Risk Management)
terrain deformation for hydrogeology: groundwater management (Disaster Risk Management)