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Sustainable land management and plantation planning in Mozambique

The National Reforestation Strategy in Mozambique calls for the establishment of both community forests and commercial plantations. The majority of plantations, or at least the ones to be established on an industrial scale require substantive blocks of contiguous land to ensure economic viability. Forest and land use mapping allow to identify such potential areas taking into account the variability of land parcels for community and commercial uses. The suitability of land for re-development often depends on existing land use practices. The land cover maps for 2000, 2006 and 2013 shows a large loss of forest in the Namarroi and Ile Districts of Zambezia Province, northern Mozambique. The project found the commercial subsistence agriculture has been a main driver of deforestation. The commercial agriculture plantation occupy land deforested after 2006.

Technical Officer: Ola Gråbak

Starting Date: 2014-06-01

Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd as supplier - prime
Remote Sensing Solutions gmbh as supplier - sub

World Bank as user - partner/collaborator

forest type mapping (Forestry)
clear cuts and burnt area mapping (Forestry)
forest fragmentation and diversity indices (Forestry)
general land use and land cover mapping and change monitoring (Basic Mapping and Cartography)