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Lake Victoria basin health monitoring

The Lake Victoria Environment Management Project aims to rehabilitate the Lake ecosystem by introducing water pollution control, water catchments protection, enforcement of water quality, and periodic monitoring and assessment of water resources. The Lake ecosystem is very important for the economy of the East Africa region. Satellite information will be provided to monitor: different anthropogenic discharges, Chlorophyll-a, organic matter, turbidity and proliferation of water hyacinths. The proliferation of water hyacinths is closely linked to this variability of nutrients fluxes. The evolution of the different anthropogenic discharges (direct by waste waters or indirect by soil erosion) in the lake can be reflected in changes of the biological content of the lake such as Chlorophyll-a concentration, distribution of organic matter and turbidity that impact the flora on the lake’s bottom due to excess or lack of nutrients in some part of the lake.

Technical Officer: Ola Gråbak

Starting Date: 2014-06-01

ACRI-ST as supplier - prime
Hatfield Consultants as supplier - sub

World Bank as user - partner/collaborator

inland water quality (Water Resources Management)
water hyacinth mapping (Water Resources Management)
watershed land use and land use change (Water Resources Management)