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Integrated Rural Development in Uzbekistan

The project will support HIRD (Housing for Integrated Rural Development Improvement Program), a large-scale national residential construction program that is a high priority component of Uzbekistan’s Welfare Improvement Strategy. The EO-based service will provide so-called Essential Elements of Information for the constructed housing complexes, i.e. prior-to-construction site suitability verification (supported by classification maps), as well as construction progress verification and post-construction benefits evaluation (supported by change maps). The benefits for ADB and a wide range of local users and organisations in the HIRD program context consist of recent, objective and independent information for housing complexes, and analysis and identification of spatial development trends within the greater Tashkent area, and of the overall impact of the newly-built housing complexes.

Technical Officer: Zoltan Bartalis

Starting Date: 2014-10-01

GAF AG as supplier - prime

Asian Development Bank as user - partner/collaborator

infrastructure construction monitoring (Urban)