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Climate-Resilient Rural Livelihoods in Mongolia

The project is assisting the ADB ”Establishment of Climate-Resilient Rural Livelihoods” project, which in turn supports the Mongolian government’s efforts to develop a sustainable, climate resilient livestock sector and combat the degradation of grasslands due to overgrazing and climate change. Land use land cover maps and change maps for two summer seasons (2012 and 2014) over three districts will be delivered. Additionally, drought indicators (vegetation productivity and condition) will be provided. Retrievals at several spatial resolutions will be compared, and related ADB capacity building activities carried out.

Technical Officer: Zoltan Bartalis

Starting Date: 2014-10-13

Deimos Engenharia as supplier - prime

Ministry of Light Industry and Agriculture Project Management Unit (PMU) as user - partner/collaborator
Asian Development Bank as user - partner/collaborator

vegetation health early warning (Agriculture)
general land use and land cover mapping and change monitoring (Basic Mapping and Cartography)