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Transport Sector Climate Proofing in Timor-Leste

The project will help to better quantify climate risks (in particular floods and droughts) on the road network in Timor-Leste induced by changes in climate and environmental conditions (e.g. rainfall patterns, vegetation, etc.). It will also support capacity building activities to raise awareness about the impact of climate and environmental changes, with focus on natural capital and infrastructures (in particular roads), and the role of EO to support climate proofing and better watershed management. In addition to land cover and land cover change information, the delivered datasets will include recent information on topography, river networks, hydrological catchment delineation, rainfall anomalies and climate projection data, flood and drought risks, etc.

Technical Officer: Pierre-Philippe Mathieu

Starting Date: 2014-10-02

Geographic Resource Analysis & Science Ltd. as supplier - prime
DHI Water&Environment as supplier - sub

Asian Development Bank as user - partner/collaborator

water reservoir mapping (Water Resources Management)
digital elevation / terrain model (Basic Mapping and Cartography)
climate variables monitoring (Meteorological)
general land use and land cover mapping and change monitoring (Basic Mapping and Cartography)