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Transport Infrastructure Assessment in Papua New Guinea

The project will contribute to creating an up-to-date picture of the transport infrastructure in central PNG where several ADB projects are under implementation, by providing a land use map and an inventory of artificial surfaces and features. Additionally, the project will deliver products helping to quantify climate risks that the road network is exposed to: terrain and infrastructure instability indicators, landslide inventory and landslide susceptibility map, precipitation/temperature/vegetation indices, etc.

Technical Officer: Zoltan Bartalis

Starting Date: 2014-09-19

Geophysical Applications Processing as supplier - prime
Planetek Italia s.r.l. as supplier - sub

Department of Transport as user - partner/collaborator
Department of Works as user - partner/collaborator
Asian Development Bank as user - partner/collaborator

historical mapping of terrain deformations (Disaster Risk Management)
terrain deformation for hydrogeology: landslides (Disaster Risk Management)
infrastructure construction monitoring (Urban)